Damascus Steel Number 154

Unlike the more usual damascus steel patterns, where the layers of different steels stay side by side, in this pattern, they are stacked one on to of each other, creatig a very unique pattern.So far I only used this for a half dozen knives and this is the latest one, a chef with a 16cm blade and imbuia root handle.

This knife is availabile for immediate delivery for US$ 500.00 plus shipping (US$ 14.50 worldwide). A felt lined, aluminium reinforced leather pouch is included.


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Vito Restaurant

Me, André Mifano and Marcella Ghirelli in the kitchn of Vito restaurant through the lens of Pedro Ferraz Cardoso. Thanks a lot for the experience, my friends! Besides the fabulous food, you really made me feel at home!
And if you are in São Paulo, don miss the chance to visit this place!


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Gyuto in AEB-L Stainless

This is kind of one-off gyuto with a different blade tip design. Its satin polished AEB-L blade is just under 20cm and the handle is imbuia root. Overall, a very well balanced and light knife.

I haven used AEB-L for long but am receiving great feedback from the custoemrs who tried this steel.

US$ 350,00, plus shipping (US$ 14.50 worldwide).


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I’ve been featured o a TV Show!

I was recently featured on a TV show about enterpreneurism and the link bellow is for the episode that I participated on. It is almos as exciting as the last season’s Game of Thrones final episode! Or almost…


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Broken Blade – The Return

Do you remember that broken blade pic I poste a while ago? Well, I almost thrown it away but ended up deciding otherwise and the result is this nice little knife with a 5″ long blade and imbuia root handle, very light and well balanced.


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It happens in the best knife shops…

How hard is hard? This blade was dropped on the floor after being hardened and before being tempered.


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On the Bench: Nakiri and Petty Set

Today I am working on these two pieces, a petty and a nakiri, both in 52100 steel and with macassar ebony handles. The handle of the smaller one, as you can see, is not very anatomic yet.


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