New Damascus Petty

A petty in damascu steel and redwood burl that is leaving to Rio today.


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New bottle Openers and Abridashi

Two new damascus steel bottle openers and a damascus Abridashi that will be leaving to Paulinia tomorrow – and from there to England soon.


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New Essencials


For those who don remember, my Essencial series was composed of semi-handmade knives and was released a couple years ago as an option for those looking for a good knife that was more affordable and with a shorter delivery time thatn my 100% handmade knives. Anyway, the only operations that are done outside my shop are the profile cutiing of the blades, with is done on a laser cutter, and the rough machining of the handles. Everything else – the heat treatment, the grinding of the blades, assembling and finishing operatiosn is done by me in my shop.

These two knives, a gyuto wth a 21cm (roughly 8 1/4″) long blade and a petty with a 15cm (6″) long blade were totally redesigned and have more elgant profile as wella as thicker 1070 steel blades (3mm), making them stiffer and improving the knifeś balance.

At first, my idea was to release first just the gyuto but I got several requests for a smaller knife to make a pair so the petty is also being released now. These two models are more than enough for most chores found in the kitchen, making a perfect pair.Costing just a little more than half of the prices of my fully handmade models, these knives offer a great cost x benefit ratio, being perfect for home cooks, students and also as a backup set for pros and if you are fast, you can get with a great introductory price:

21cm long blade gyuto with imbuia root handle (like in the pic above):

Standard price: US$ 175.00 – INTRODUCTORY PRICE: US$ 155.00

(A felt lined leather pouch is included – shipping cost is US$ 14.50 worldwide)

15cm long blade petty with imbuia root handle:

Standard price: US$ 125.00 – INTRODUCTORY PRICE: US$ 110.00

(A felt lined leather pouch is included – shipping cost is US$ 14.50 worldwide)

And you get an even better price if you get the pair!


The introductory prices are valid only for the first twenty knives sold individually or as a pair. Delivery time for these knives is 30-45 days but at this moment I have a few pieces finished so rush up, get your now and skip the delivery time!

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Daascus Steel Number 150

With all the kitche knives I have been making, its been a while since I made my last clip point like this.

It has a 6″ long ladder pattern  damascus steel blade and bocote wood handle and comes with a leather sheath.


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Damascus Steel Number 154

Unlike the more usual damascus steel patterns, where the layers of different steels stay side by side, in this pattern, they are stacked one on to of each other, creatig a very unique pattern.So far I only used this for a half dozen knives and this is the latest one, a chef with a 16cm blade and imbuia root handle.


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Vito Restaurant

Me, André Mifano and Marcella Ghirelli in the kitchn of Vito restaurant through the lens of Pedro Ferraz Cardoso. Thanks a lot for the experience, my friends! Besides the fabulous food, you really made me feel at home!
And if you are in São Paulo, don miss the chance to visit this place!


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Gyuto in AEB-L Stainless

This is kind of one-off gyuto with a different blade tip design. Its satin polished AEB-L blade is just under 20cm and the handle is imbuia root. Overall, a very well balanced and light knife.

I haven used AEB-L for long but am receiving great feedback from the custoemrs who tried this steel.


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