New Gyuto in 52100 Steel

I haven worked with this steel for a while so I started working on a group of 52100 steel knives and just finished this one, an elegant gyuto with a 17cm long blade and jacarandá violeta wood handle.

This piece is availabile for immediate delivery for US$ 240.00, plus US$ 14.50 for worldwide shipping. First come, first serve!


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New Nakiri

I have heat treated this 52100 steel blade some tme ago and just found time to finish it now. It is 7 3/8″ long and has a brown Celeron, wich is a locally made synthetic material similar to micarta, waterprrof and super tough.
This one comes with a felt lined, aluminium reinforced leather pouch and is ready to ship for US$ 245.00, plus US$ 14.50 for worldwide shipping.


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My Latest Chefś Knife

Here is my latest chef, with a 10″ long AEB-L blade and East India Rosewood handle slabs. This one will soon make a female cook very happy! :-)


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A Chef’s Touch

After I made that little knife from the broken gyuto blade (if you don remember, click here: ) I got several requests for a similar knife that was short, easy to carry and practical to use in small spaces and also affordable and started working on the concept.

The resulting knife has all these characteristics and should please the “once in a millenium” cooks that like to know they have a good tool for the job when they feel inspired to exrceise their cooking talents as much as the serious home cooks and professionals that like to have a trusty tool with them for any eventuality.

This is the only knife availabile now and it has a 5″ long 1070 steel balde, imbuia root handle and a kydex sheath. As it is hard to define – too short for a gyuto, too wide for a petty and lacking the typical  straight edge of a santoku – I decided to call it Chef’s Touch. It is availabile for US$ 100.00, shipped worldwide. First come, first serve!


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Mother of All Choppers

I make small knives and big knives too! This one has a 14″ blade made of 1/4″ thick 5160 steel and is heading to Porto Alegre. Notice that it is ground for a left-hander.


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Damascus and Amboyna

A little one from a group I finished recently in damascus steel and amboyna burl.


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New Compact Essencial Gyuto

This is the first proto I made for the shorter Essencial Gyuto and it has a 15cm (6″) blade. Its handle is jacarandá violeta and the blade steel is 1070 as all other Essencials.

This is probably the only Essencial with this blade size since the standard sizes for the Essencial Gyuto are 17, 21 and 25cm and it will be a great tool in the hands of the cooks who prefer a more compact tool.

This knife is availabile for immediate delivery and the price is US$ 145.00, plus shipping (US$ 14.50 worldwide).


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