Nothing to worry about, buddies. And just a quick warning for my fellow knifemakers: keep those safety googles on!

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EDC knives in S30V

EDC style knives in S30v are not very usual from me but here are two of them ready to ship.

The first one has a blade about 2 3/8″ long and ranger green g-10 handle. This is my very last piece of g-10 in this color. This one goes for US$ 120.00 plus shipping.


The second one has a 2 1/8″ long blade and black/green g-10 handle and goes for US$ 95.00, plus shipping.

As I said, I don´t make many of these in stainless, much less with g-10 handles as I pretty much stopped using this handle material, so fiirst come, first serve!

Both have kydex neck sheathes.

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A Very special bottle opener

And since I mentioned bottle openers, here is one I just finished – and is aready sold. This i=one is made of mokuti, the titanium mokume made by Chad Nichols. As this material is quite expensive, do not expect to see another like this.

Unfortunatelly, my picture does not do justice to this piece´s colors.


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Almost ready – and almost all gone!

The first group of the new stainless bottke opener is almost ready to ship – and also almost all gone There are just six pieces left from this group so order yours now!


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New model being released next week! :-)


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Gyuto Availabile!

This gyuto has a 25cm (=/- 10″) long 52100 steel blade and castelo wood – this wood was sent to me by my friend Guarim and is the first time I used it.

It is availabile for immediate delivery for US$ 150.00, plus US$ 20.00 for worldwide shipping.


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New Bottle Opener – Order Now!


I am already taking orders for the BO-1, the new stainless bottle opener you have seen some days ago.

1 piece: US$ 35.00, plus US$ 15 for shipping (yes, shipping is a bit expensive but I am using a trackable box so it is worth it)

2-9 pieces: US$ 35.00 each, shipped wordwide

10 pieces: US$ 290.00 the group shipped worldwide

I am already working on a group of bottle openers and they will be ready to ship early next week. Besides being signed and dated, these will be also numbered so interested parties better act soon – first come, first serve as usual!

And since we are talking about orders, please place yours through the e-mail ivan@ivancampos.net so I don´t get lost with orders coming by e-mail, Facebook, phone, written letters, smoke signs, etc. Please bear with me as I a am getting old, buddies!

And since I know someone will ask, yes, I personally tested the proto to exhaustion! :-)

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