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I work with handmade knives since 1993 and started creating my own in 2000. Now I am getting specialized in kitchen knives, although I also made several other models., and I try to join on my creations the practicity and performance of an excellet tool and the creativity and uniqueness found on a work of art.

In my work, I try to create models with clean lines that enfasize the beauty of the materials chosen for each creation with no interference on its performance. First and foremost, form must follow fucntion in each one of my creations and they are all made with one objective: to please the most demanding users.

If you want to find out more about my work, you can call me at 00-55-15-997120993 (also whatsapp), or write to ivan@ivancampos.net. or you also can reach me through my Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ivan-Campos/117635174992430.

Thansk for your visit!


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The 2016 Essencial Project is Taking Off!

This is the first time that I heat treat k100 steel and it turned out great!Until the end of Carnival I should have all the four models finished and then will post more info on them. By now, you can see the 25cm blade gyuto that should be finished today.- and is turning out a hell of a knife!


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Nakiri Availabile!

I have just finished this nakiri and it has a 19cm long 52100 steel blade and bocote handle, what makes it a bit special because since I decided to use just local woods, I no longer buy bocote, although its very beautiful.

US$ 175.00, plus US$ 20.00 for worldwide shipping.

First come, first serve as usual!



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There is a lot of work to be done yet but these two – a 21cm gyuto and a nakiri – will be ready and availabile next week, buddies. Interested parties may reserve them now!


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Hetting a box of wood from my buddy Guarim is almost as good as drinking beer – and that, believe me, means a lot when said by me!


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New Gyuto Availabile!

Buddies, I have just finished a gyuto with a 25cm long 52100 steel blade and pau brasil wood handle This piece of pau brasil has part of the whise sapwood in it, and after being stabilized with cyanocrilate it has a very unique look.

Rady to start working in the kitchen of its lucky owner for US$ 250.00, plus shipping!

First come, first serve!


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Petty in 52100 steel and imbuia root. This is the first knife I send to Slovenia!


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A gyuto with a 25cm long blade and moradillo handle. This one is already heading to Uncle Sam’s land.


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