The 2016 Essencial Series is Now Availabile!

Knowing many professional cooks andCooking students, I know how hard working in the kitchen can be and it may take quite some time until a pro in this area get any recognizement. Until then it is work, work and work, and not aways with a good financial reward at the end of the month.

Thinking about these people, and also the many people who ask me for a more accessible kitchen knife, I have created my Essencial series. These are knives designed by me but that have several operations outsourced and few options (or no options at all), what allows them to have a more accessible price.

The first two Essencial series had 1070 steel blades. It is a good steel but I wanted something better, that left these knives closer to my full handmade ones, then, after a lot of research, I opted for k100, a steel I have used a lot earlier in my career and that has exceptional edge holding characteristics besiedes a good cost x benefit relation. For the handles, I have chosen Celeron, a material similar to micarta in construction that is waterproof and super strong, perfect for for the heavy use these knives will find. Completing the package, these knives come with a very practical kydex sheath.

The 2016 series will start with three models: a gyuto, that is availabile in two sizes, a santoku and a petty. These have been chosen thanks to the feedback from customers and represent the most popular sizes and patterns in my line.

Now let me just tell you some really cool news: before the laser cut blade blanks are sent to the heat treting/grinding company, I decided to make a small series thatm except for the laser cut blanks, is totally handmade by me – heat treated, ground, finished, etc. These knives will have its own mark – my signature with an “E” to indicate they belong to the Essencila series – and will be sequentially numbered (regardless of model). And how many knives will be in this special series? As many as are ordered while the blanks are still here. And these special knives will be sold at the very same price intended for the standard ones. Yeh, better run and grab yours before it too late!

Choose your Essencials bellow:


Gyuto with 25cm long blade: US$ 180.00

Gyuto with 21cm long blade: US$ 150.00


Santoku with 18cm blade: US$ 125.00


Petty with 14cm blade: US$ 100.00

Or take the whole set for an even better price:

Gyuto with 25cm blade + Santoku + Petty: US$ 370.00.

Gyuto  with 21cm blade + Santoku + Petty US$ 340.00

Shipping cost (wordwide) is US$ 20.00 for one knife and US$ 5.00extra  for each extra knife in the package.

At this point, I have only the first three protos used for these pictures finished and delivery time will be 30-45 days for orders.

Reserve yours now by e-mail ( or phone/whatsapp (55-15-997120993).

First come, first serve as usual!🙂

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Welcome to my site!

And since you are here, what about, before we go on, clicking on this button on the right, just bellow my picture, and subscribe this blog? It is easy, fast and you will be notified of all the site´s news in real time as they are published!

Have you subscribed? Thanks! Now let me introduce myself:

I work with handmade knives since 1993 and started creating my own in 2000. Now I am getting specialized in kitchen knives, although I also made several other models., and I try to join on my creations the practicity and performance of an excellet tool and the creativity and uniqueness found on a work of art.

In my work, I try to create models with clean lines that enfasize the beauty of the materials chosen for each creation with no interference on its performance. First and foremost, form must follow fucntion in each one of my creations and they are all made with one objective: to please the most demanding users.

If you want to find out more about my work, you can call me at 00-55-15-997120993 (also whatsapp), or write to or you also can reach me through my Facebook profile:

Thansk for your visit!


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Vanessa’s knife in use


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Santoku Availabile!

I have a santoku with a 19cm long 52100 blade (for right handers) and imbuia wood octagonal handle ready for delivery.

US$ 240.00, plus US$ 20.00 for international delivery worldwide, including a wooden box or a kydex sheath.

As usual, first come, first serve, and you can order it by e-mail ( or phone/whatsapp (00-55-15-997120993).


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One Lost in Boston Availabile!

One of the two Lost in Boston knives I made last week has become availabile, buddies!

It has a 52100 steel blade about 2 7/8″ long and thin Celeron handles fastened to the tang with stainless tubes.

US$ 115.00 plus US$ 20.00 for worldwide delivery .

You can order it by phone/whatsapp (00-55-15-997120993) or e-mail ( As usual, first come, first serve!


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It is good to see you using your knife Pablo. That´s why I make knives!


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I was asked to post a pic of the Lost in Boston with its sheath so here it is.


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Instagram Emergency!

I need only elevem more followers on Instagram to reach 1000, my friends! My handler at Instagram is ivancamposblades so get there, start following me and make me happy! I promise you will be happy too with my posts.


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Starting the week with a new model: the “Lost in Boston”, created according to Lucas Almeida’s ideas of the ideal and legally accepted EDC knife for that city.


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