New Damascus Knives!


Last week I said that we would have news about Damascus steel so its time to solve the mistery!

Iam now working on four sets of a 14cm petty and a 25cm Gyuto each in random pattern damacus steel and imbuia wood – clear in the pic but I also have a dark brown version of it. The sat also includes a leather case with felt lining to accomodate both pieces.

And the best part is that these set are being offered at a very special price!

A Damascus steel gyuto with a 25cm long blade goes normally for US$ 625.00 and a petty, US$ 350.00 but these four sets are being offered at just US$ 775.00 shipped!

To get yours, just contact me at or call me at my mobile/whatsapp 00-55-15-997120993 but do it now because, as I said before, THERE ARE JUST FOUR SETS and they will be availabile on a first come, first serve basis!

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Welcome to my site!

And since you are here, what about, before we go on, clicking on this button on the right, just bellow my picture, and subscribe this blog? It is easy, fast and you will be notified of all the site´s news in real time as they are published!

Have you subscribed? Thanks! Now let me introduce myself:

I work with handmade knives since 1993 and started creating my own in 2000. Now I am getting specialized in kitchen knives, although I also made several other models., and I try to join on my creations the practicity and performance of an excellet tool and the creativity and uniqueness found on a work of art.

In my work, I try to create models with clean lines that enfasize the beauty of the materials chosen for each creation with no interference on its performance. First and foremost, form must follow fucntion in each one of my creations and they are all made with one objective: to please the most demanding users.

If you want to find out more about my work, you can call me at 00-55-15-997120993 (also whatsapp), or write to or you also can reach me through my Facebook profile:

Thansk for your visit!


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Mini Petty Availabile!


Just finished!

It has a 8cm long 52100 steel blade and imbuia root handle.

US$ 115.00, plus US$ 20.00 for worldwide shipping.

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Next week we’ll have news about the damascus steel blades.


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Just to make you all curious! Have a great Sunday!



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Joyce’s nakiri is reDy for work. It is another one of my creations that will live in São Paulo.


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The Holidays Sale is Almost Over!

The people who ordered knives from the Holiday Sale will start getting their orders next week. And those who haven’t ordered yet have two days – or three knives – to order so better run, fellows!


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Sorocabana Avalabile!

This beautiful traditional Sorocabana by knfemaker Ariovaldo Lopes is availabile for immediate delivery.

It has all the typical features of these knife style, like the blackhorn handle slabs and the type of construction we call enterçada, where the 52100 steel blade joins the handle at the ricasso áreaand is affixed to it by a “V” joint.

The engraving was done by Rodrigo Silva and matches very well the knfe style.

Pleasecontact me for more details and price. Since my friend doesn´t speak English, I´ll handle the sale for him.




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