Availabile: Santoku

sancompFor thoese of you who liked the kniveswith two wood composite octagon handles I have been making recently, here is one availabile for immediate delivery.

Its blade ismade of 1095 steel and 19cm – abut 7 1/4″ –  long (my santoku style knives have aways been a little longer than usual) and its octagonal handle is made of castelo wood trimmed with a little piece of ziricote that resulted on a very cool contrast.

This knife goes for US$ 195.00, plus US$ 25.00 for international shipping tomost everywhere.

To buyit, just e-mail meat ivan@ivancampos.net or contact me by mobile/whatsapp 55-15-997120993.



Availabile: Special Mini Petty


1095 steel and tiger maple are the materials used on this mini petty that has a 10cm long blade and unique profile and that is availabile for US$ 90.00, plus US$ 25.00 for international shipping to most everywhere. But it doesn´t just look very nice – this little knife is surprisingly practical!

To order, just contact me by mobile/whatsapp at 55-15-997120993 or e-mail me at ivan@ivancampos.net. First come,first serve!

Availabile: The Last Neck Knives in K100 Steel!



I made thes etwo with what was left from k100 steel in the shop. Now you will oly see more knives in k100 when I get another full sheet of it since that´s how it is sold.

Both have aroun 2″ long blades and 4 1/2″ overall lenght. The top one has louro preto wood handles and the botton one, gonçalo alves wood.

US$ 55.00, plus US$ 20.00 for international shipping to most everywhwre, and they come with kydex neck sheathes.

As usual, first come,forst serve, and you can contact me my e-mail at ivan@ivancampos.net or mobile/whatsapp at 55-15-997120993.



Availabile: Another Fighter!


This is another of the new fighters I have been working lately. And it is quite a real fighter – there is nothing utilitarian about its 4″ long double edged blade, Japanese inspired cord wrapped handle with cyanocrilate reinforcement and a long damascus steel menuki and long, aggressive skull crusher.

Probably, this will be the only of its model as I found it too similar to a model of another knifemaker, although it was just coincidence.

It goes for US$ 145.00 plus US$ 25.00 for international shipping to most everywhere and, as usual, first come, first serve, and to order contatct be mobile/whatsapp at 55-15-007120993 or e-mail me at ivan@ivancampos.net.

Availabile: Mini Petty “Peso Pena”


This little handy knife weights next to nothing (peso pena = featherweight) thanks to its 2mm thick, 11cm long blade and the very light octagon shaped handles made of clear imbuia wood but don´t get fooled: its blade is k100 steel and ready to give the great performance this material iscapable of.

I made four of them with what I had left of 2mm k100 steel and there are still three availabile for US$ 95.00, plus US$ 25.00 for international shipping. As usual, first came, first serve!

To order, just reach me by cell/whatsapp at 55-15-997120993 or e-mail me at ivan@ivancampos.net.


Availabile: New Special Yanagi Ba!


This model has its blade inspired on the profile of the traditional Japanese swords(it is not a takobiki neither a tuna sword) and, originally, it should be a two piece only edition for 2018, that were promptly sold, but the several requests I got for a model like this made me decde to make another group, theis time  with five pieces,  but with a different size, balde profile and materials to preserve the identity of both models.

These knives have 12″ long 1095 steel blades and jacarandá da Bahia ( Brazilian rosewood ) handles woth brass collars. Their price is US$ 235,00, plus US$ 25,0 for shipping and it comes with a felt lined leather sheath.

Important notice: as of now, of the original five knives, only two are availabile and they will be availabile on a first come, first serve basis asusual. To order, just contact me by whatsapp at55-15-997120993 or write to ivan@ivancampos.net.