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I work with handmade knives since 1993 and started creating my own in 2000. Now I am getting specialized in kitchen knives, although I also made several other models., and I try to join on my creations the practicity and performance of an excellet tool and the creativity and uniqueness found on a work of art.

In my work, I try to create models with clean lines that enfasize the beauty of the materials chosen for each creation with no interference on its performance. First and foremost, form must follow fucntion in each one of my creations and they are all made with one objective: to please the most demanding users.

If you want to find out more about my work, you can call me at 00-55-15-997120993 (also whatsapp), or write to ivan@ivancampos.net. or you also can reach me through my Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ivan-Campos/117635174992430.

Thansk for your visit!


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A Very Special Santoku!

Each one of my knives is unique and this one is even more unique!

As you know, no good story starts with “I was drinking a glass of milk” and this one is no exception. Since I no longer own a bar,I use to spend a few hour every day at a craft beer store as a therapy and also a means to help the owners and in one of these occasions, while drinking a mug of bber with Bruno, a customer that works as a tatoo artist, he mentioned he was also trying his hand at working with a pyrograpf (on wood, not on human skin!) and when he showed me the pics of his work, I immediatelly noticed that it would fit nicelly on my knife handles. One week later, the first result of our partthership has been finished: a very detaed dragon carved around the eight-sided clear imbuia wood handle of this santoku that you can see on the pics bellow and also on a video I posted at Facebook and Instagram because ther was no way to upload it here.

Personally, this work has pelased me a lot because it matches my style with perfection, adding an artistic tough to my usually austere, spartan cutting machines in a way that doesn´t get in the way of the knife when it is used – as a matter of fact, the texture on the handle makes it even better to grip.

Hopefully, we will have more knives embellished like this – maybe special editions – crafted according to Bruno´s schedule but, for now, this is the only one in existence and it is availabile for US$ 310.00, plus US$ 20.00 for worldwide shipping, including a wooden box. As usual, first come, first serve and you can reach me at ivan@ivancampos.net or at my mobile/whatsapp 00-55-15-997120993.





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Damascus Neck Knife Availabile!


Of the three neck knives I was working on recently, this is the only one left.

It has a 2 1/2″ long damascus blade from Alabama Damascus, beautiful thuya burl handle slabs and a compact kydex sheath that can be used in several different ways. It´s the perfect little EDC blade, besides being very charming!

US$ 110.00, plus US$ 20.00 for worldwide shipping and, as usual, first come, first serve! You can reach me by e-mail at ivan@ivancampos.net or phone/whatsapp at 00-55-15-997120993.

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Tanto Availabile!


Haven´t I said that this week we would have a new knife of a style I haven´t made in quite a while? Well, so here is a robust tanto with a 7″ long, 52100 steel blade and Japanese inspired, cord wrapped and resin soaked handle with a damascus steel menuki. I guess I have not made one like this in about two years,at least.

This one goes for US$ 235.00, plus US$ 20.00 for worldwide shipping. A kydex sheath is included.

As usual, first come, first serve, and you can order it by phone/whatsapp at 00-55-15-997120993 ou e-mail at ivan@iancampos.net.

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And we will have some more little damascus knives! By the way, one interesting thing about these knives is that they are made from the smaller pieces of the damascus steel bar, each one being titally unique. Their handles also usually get top quality eooda from pieces left from other projects – in this case, amboyna burl, thuya burl and tambotie.

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The Last Essencial Pettys on a Super Sale!


I thought there were no more Essencial series blades but found seix of the Petty model. For those who don´t remember, tese are made out of k100 steel and are 14cm long, having wood handles and kydex sheathes.

To have them all gone, I decided to make a super sale and offer these six blades at a ridiculous price of just US$ 89.00, plus US$ 20.00 for worldwide shipping – or get two for just US$ 160.00 shipped! But better rush up because, as I said, there are just SIX BLADES availabile.

You can place your order by phone/whatsapp at 00-55-15-997120993 or by e-mail at ivan@ivancampos.net.

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Kitchen Pitbulls 1 and 2 availabile!


It seems like everybody loves a compact, “do everything, take everywhere” kitchen knife so I designed the Kitchen Pitbulls, or just KPs, that fit perfectly on this description.

Both are made of k100 (d3) tool steel and have wood handles – in this picture´s knives, castelo for the 1 and morado for the 2). Both are similar in profile but have very different sizes: the KP 1 is about 21″ long and has a 5″ bçade while the KP2 is 7 3/4″ long with a 4″ long, slimmer blade.

I have enough steel for about 6-8 of these and then we will see if they stay on my line or will be made as a limited edition, wich is most likely.

KP 1 – US$ 145.00 plus US$ 20.00 for worldwide shipping

KP 2 – US$125.00 plus US$ 2000 for worldwide shipping

Or get both for US$ 245.00 shipped! Isn´t it a great deal?

Well, for now there are only two knives finished – the one in the picture – so first come, first serve.

You can order by phonewhatsapp (00-55-15-997120993) or e-mail (ivan@ivancampos.net)

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The Higonokami 2017 is Availabile!




And after a long winter, here is the new version of my first and most popular folder, the Higonocampos.

Its name is a mix of “higonokam”, the traditional Japanese folder, with my surname. It was invented by someone at British Foruns, I believe and it fists perfectly since  the folder is not traditional but a version of it with my own touches.

The new version keeps the clean lines and symetric handle of the earlier ones but now it is made of brass with a thick sandpaper finish for a textured grip and its blade, tat is about 3″ long, is made from k100 steel and also made along the lines of the first models.

US$ 145.00, plus US$ 20.00 for worldwide shipping.

One piece availabile so, as usual, first come, first serve!

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