Availabile: New Knives for EDC and Defense


As I probably said, before specializing in kitchen knives I have made a lot of other knife styles – specially knives for defense and concealed carry – and now I am working on what may possibly be a “parallel project in this area.

For now, very few knives were made and these will be sold on this website.  I am sure some of my old custoemrs will be very happy with them.

In this post, I offer two pieces that are ready for imediate delivery – a persian and a tanto. Both have similar dimensions (8′ long overall and 4” blade, approx.) and are made of 1095 steel with Japanese inspired, cord wrapped handles reinforced with cyanocrilate. Both are very compact and light and will also be handy for general utilty work.

Their sheaths are green kydex for IWB or neck use and can also be adapted to other ways of carry as well as accessories like a Teklok.

Each one goes for US$ 125.00 plus US$ 25.00 for shipping to most countries. To order, reach me by Whatsapp at 55-15-997120993 or e-mail me at ivan@ivancampos.net.

First come, first serve as usual!




Availabile: Gyuto!


This handy, compact gyuto has a 17cm long 1095 steel blade and octagon shaped louro preto wood handle and it is availabile for immediate delivery for US$ 160.00, plus US$ 25.00 for shipping to most countries.

As usual, first come, first serve and you can order by contacting me by Whatsapp at 55-15-997120993 or e-mail at ivan@ivancampos.net.

Availabile: a Longer Pring Knife


Since the paring knife I made recently was quite a success, I decided to make a longer version of it, with a blade just under 7″. It is also created from 1095 steel and imbuia wood but the handle and blade width are also slightly  longer to keep the proportion.

US$ 120.00, plus US$ 2500 for shipping mostly worldwide and, as usual,first come first serve!

Toorder, just call my mobile/whatsapp 55-15-997120993 or e-mail me at ivan@ivancampos.net.

Availabile: santoku!


Santokus are very versatile knives and this one is no exception. It as a 1095 steel blade of around 6 3/4″ (17cm) and its 5″ long ocatgon shaped handle is made from castelo wood (that I find very similar to olivewood). it has a very clean look andthe clear wood contrasts nicelly with the dark blade.

Availabile for immediate delivery for US$ 165.00, plus shipping (US$ 25.00 formost countries).

To order, call my mobile phone/whatsapp 55-15-997120993 or e-mailme at ivan@ivancampos.net.


Availabile: New Special Yanagi Ba!


This model has its blade inspired on the profile of the traditional Japanese swords(it is not a takobiki neither a tuna sword) and, originally, it should be a two piece only edition for 2018, that were promptly sold, but the several requests I got for a model like this made me decde to make another group, theis time  with five pieces,  but with a different size, balde profile and materials to preserve the identity of both models.

These knives have 12″ long 1095 steel blades and jacarandá da Bahia ( Brazilian rosewood ) handles woth brass collars. Their price is US$ 235,00, plus US$ 25,0 for shipping and it comes with a felt lined leather sheath.

Important notice: as of now, of the original five knives, only two are availabile and they will be availabile on a first come, first serve basis asusual. To order, just contact me by whatsapp at55-15-997120993 or write to ivan@ivancampos.net.

Availabile: Mini Prybars!


About 4″ long and 1/4″ thick and made from heat treated 560 steel, these mini prybars don´t save on strenght. Its finish is manganeses phosphate with a cool aged look due to the surface of the steel.

US$ 35.0 each, plus US$ 20.00 for shipping. Four pieces availabile and, as usual, first come, first serve – just call me on my mobile/whatsapp 15-997120993.