Wilson Fighter

The Wilson Fighter is a compact defense model created by martial arts teacher James Wilson, from Louisiana, wich also works well as an utility knife.

 I have made it in several styles and finishes, and the original was made from  3/16″ thick 5160 steel and had a Japanese style cord wrapped handle, like the ones in the picture bellow.

Later I also made some in 1/8″ 5160 steel, with a shorter blade wich were very light and compact.

And finally, I have also made a series of heavier Wilson Fighters from 6mm thick k-100 tool steel, of wich I have assembled three so far. The first one had hand rubbed finish and ebony handle and now lives in the US.

The second one received a grey etched finish and black/green g-10 andle and was made for a good friend in Campinas.

The third one got an etched finish,  granite g-10 handle slabs and should be arriving in Germany by now.

I still have three of these blades and am starting to work in one of them by now. Maybe I should use black g-10 this time.


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