I lost one of my dogs this weekend

Early this Monday I lost Vidoca, one of my dogs – he was found dead by my brother in the garage. He was one of my oldest dogs and arrived here along with his mother and eight brothers in 2000, at the same time I was starting toi make knives professionally. Those who visited my shop may remember the white skinny one-eyed dog that was aways laying around there – as a matter of fact, he got kynomosis and several oter diseases when he was a pup and with all the sequels had an impresivelly long and happy life, much of it thanks to Dr. Milton Groppo, a local veterinary that has been helping me with all the dos I found and is an excellent professional. He survived his sister Pintada by about a month and I am sure this has to do with his passing.

Well, things like this make me feel tired and nostalic, and the oly way to make it pass is to get back to the shop. Life goes on.


About ivancampos

Mim faiz faca, mim bebe cerveja!
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