150 years and counting

My godmother, who lives in São Paulo, has just sent me her best knfe to receive new handles. In a well equipped kitchen with lots of knives it is interesting to see that she still prefers this little English knife that seems to be about 150 years old by the style of its rotten handle but against facts there are no arguments, right? So a new set of handles will be put on it and it will be ready to face some more decades of work.

To many, this piece of steel may very well find a place on the trash can but if you give it some thought, it has been very successfull in its career, opposite to many of its counterparts and unlike knives that were never used, this one has seen very little rest in all this time – how many modern knives will be used like that and still be around in 150 years from now? It not only stood the test of time but also the test of continued performance evaluation and whoever made it sure can be proud of the job. I only hope some of mine can have such a successfull career.


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