The 2011 Higonocampos is here!

    A calm place, cheese and bread on the table and the smell of new coffee in the air, the street of a little town seen through the window – scenes of a different time were life was much simpler and slower paced – that is what evokes me the sight of a friction folder like the Higonocampos, with its clean lines and peacefull look and feel, and these characteristics have been appealing a lot to me as of late, as well as to many of you by the number of questions about it I have been receiving latelly, so as announced last week here is the 2011 version of this popular folder.
    This new series will be a limited, numbered edtion of 10 pieces only, all with caviúna wood handle, 2 3/4″ long 5160 steel blade with hibrid finish – hand rubbed satin on the sides and dark temper colored on the rest – and a new feature not present in the orignal Higonocampos, wich is a stainless steel screwed on pivot that allows the user to adjust the tension on the blade to his liking and, if the blade gets too loose, apply more tension by just turning the screw a little – I bet knifemakers of old would have killed for this, don´t you think?
    The folder in these pics is the number 01 of the series and I am already taking orders for the others. To place your order, just call me at 00-55-15-97120993 or contact me through e-mail. Numbers will be assined on a first come/first serve basis. Te price of this folder is US$ 105.00, plus US$ 14.50 for worldwide shipping .
To know more about the Higonocampos, please check my recent posts and and don´t forget to see Michel Meyer´s article about this folder style on Excalibur magazine, too:

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