Persian Folder

Unlike the Ugly Duck and the Higonocampos, this folder I have finished last weekend is a one-of-a-kind piece and will not be duplicated. Of the style generically called Persian, wich comprises blades with an upswept tip for its resemblance with the Persian Jambyia, this folder has a 2 3/4″ long 1075 steel blade with hibrid finish – hand rubbed on the sides of the blade and left with the heat treatment color on the rest – this is already becoming my signature, isn´t it? Its hande is made of fine dark caviuna wood with contrasting brass pins. The pivot pin is is screwed to allow tension control by the user and heat colored to a gold tone to match the brass pins.

This knife is very well balanced and its curved handle is a joy to be hold, to the point of being chosen the best folder I have made so far by the most knwledeable critic of my work, my broter – and he has seen and handled each one of my knives…

This unique piece is availabile for US$ 115.00, plus US$ 14.50 for worldwide shipping and the first e-mail ( or phone call (15-97120993) takes it.


About ivancampos

Mim faiz faca, mim bebe cerveja!
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