My godmother´s knife, Part II

Do you remember that old knife my godmoter asked me to fix for her? If not here is the story on this post:

Well, I really feel for the old knife but got to the conclusion that it was time for its retirement and went on to make my godmoter a fully new knife (under her protest as she really wanted me to find a way to fix the old one) – nothing fancy, just a simple and practial knife to replace the old one in the everyday kitchen duties, so I picked up some 1/16″ 15n20 steel from my friend Ariovaldo – it is what he uses for the “bright” layers of his damascus – and a pair of caviúna slabs I had cut for the Higonocampos folders, and the result was exactly that. Te and rubbed blade has a thin edge and sellective heat treatment with a visible temper line that should get more proeminent as the steel gets darker with use and although working with such a thin and flexibe steel stock was pretty challenigng – it was easy to grind too much or overheat it – as I am not used to it I loved the result and am already thinking of making another for myself.

My godmoter received it this morning while working on the kitchen, cleaned the oil from the blade and immediatelly started to peel tomatos with it. Menuts later I saw her working with a stone on its edge, to make it even tinner – talk about educated customers!

In the end, she is appy and so am I for having been able to please her with something I crafted. Now I am curious to hear about the knife´s long term performance, because this one will certanly see a lot of use!


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