Meeting History – a trip to mount Ipanema

Last Thursday I visited Mount Ipanema, for the second time, despite the fact that it is just about 50 kilometers from home. Full of history, myths and mysteries, this place is really fantastic and a must-see to Historians, wildlife observers and even UFO students and religious people. The first setllers arrived here looking for gold in the late sixteent century and although they didn´t find any, they found a very rich source for iron and eventually it become the first iron smelting furnace in America, yet in that century. The large and famous net of trails used by pre-Colombian natives called Peabiru also crosses the mount´s lands and there are also several people who swear they have seen UFOS in the place, merging myth and reality in a rich and still mostly untold story, and that´s just the beginning! But I´ll stick to the few pics I took on the rather short trail we took this time to tell you just a little of all this. Enjoy!


One of the few machines still on the Royal Factory, I was wondering if they would miss it if I took this little lathe to my shop…

I think these were active up to the fifties bringing iron ore to the last smelting facility.

The famous solar watch.

Me and my friend besides the monument to the Viscount of Porto Seguro, known as the father of Brazilian history. He had shown this place as his burial site but as a matter of fact his body is a few miles away in the city of Sorocaba. Among the several stories of this place, of course, it is said that due to this his restless soul wanders around the mount.

The detail of the monument.

Two panoramic pictures taken from the monument, at about 770 meters high. When the weather is clear you can see six cities from here and also have visual contact with the Jaragua peak, in São Paulo . Not very clear today but still a cool view.

Covered by vegetation, this is a man-made stone pyramid that is said to be a stopping post of an Inca comunication trail.  

Look at the size of this fig tree! There are some very interesting tress in tge reserve but since this trail is open to visitation and people pass through it several times a day, there is not much to see in terms of animals.

My friend inside the tree´s roots. This tree is very impressive.

Here I am standing in the middle of what seems to be one of the oldest iron smelting furnace of the complex, and of wich only the lower part of the walls survived and now they are covered by vegetation, sadly. Anyway, I still have strong feelings thinking that the first knifemakers in America, artisans working here still in the sixteenth century, used the raw materials that came from this furnace, and other like that.

Well, that is it, buddies. There is much more to be shown from this place and I hope to get back there soon. As you can see, the condition of the place is much bellow American and European standards but still good in comparison to other Brazilian historical sites and the people there do what they can with the little resources they have. Hope you like these pics and littkle report and also hope I have not passed incorrect information here because that´s the last thing I want to do. You can see more pics and information on the following sites: – many more pics here!

P.S.: And if you are wondering, yes, the pic on the top of this page and the opening of my site is a view from Ipanema Mount, that I took from a road near home.


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