New Kiridashi with a very cool handle

This knife was supposed to be a test piece for my experience laminating two sheets of g-10, wich was quite successfull, so here it is for sale.
The blade is 6mm thick K-100 tool steel, hand rubbed and etched on the flats. I used to make lots of these knives years ago and found four blades laying arouind, of wich this is the first I assembled. K-100 steel is very tough and these make great cutters.
Overall lenght is about 5″, while the cutting area is almost 2″and the handle is fastened to the tan wit stainless 1/4″ tubes. The handles are totally textured (sides and faces, ans well as the knife´s spine) and for the first time I moved my signature to the top of the handle as the thick tang has plety of room for it, as you can see on the second picture.
US$ 125,00, includin a kydex sheath, plus US$ 14.50 for worldwide shipping. 
Please e-mail me at  or call00-55-15-97120993 or 00-55-15-33052422.
I have three other k-100 blades like this one – including one ground on the left side -to be assembled and can do it in a couple solid or combined colors of g-10, so if you have something in mind, please let me know.


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