Slim Gyuto

Years ago I was at a bar and the owner, who had spent some time working in Japan, showed me the knives he brought back with him amnd used every day. At the time, I liked their slim shape and balance and took a mental note to one day make something along those lines, and here they are, two compact and well balanced blades created to  be used in medium to delicate tasks and precision operations where a larger knife would be clumsy.

The are the first two of this model and amre made of .085″ thick 1070 steel for both. The larger has a 7″ blade and dark jacarandá wood for its handle and the smaller, a 5 1/2″ blade with a very unusually figured piece of guajuvira wood. Both received a hand ruubed finish.

Both knives are availabile for immediate delivery, the larger one costs US$ 225.00 and the smaller one, US$ 195.00, plus US$ 14.50 for shiping – first come, first serve!


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