Ivan Campos is asking:

ā€Ž”When you buy a knife, you pay for the edge and the rest comes for free” – quote atributed to American artisan Rudy Ruana, one of the pioneers of modern custom knifemaking. So, do you agree with him? disagree? What is your opinion on the subject? (yes, it has to do with a possible new line of knives!)


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Mim faiz faca, mim bebe cerveja!
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One Response to Ivan Campos is asking:

  1. Emidio D'AStolfo says:

    edge must be the best a crftsaman can make. is the first thing. then what allows you to exploit that edge at its best. the remaining parts are complement, but nothing must be free, because a knife cannot have on him something without value.
    Thanks Sir.

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