A little about my mother

Although I don´t like dates – I think ocasions and people that are important to us are still being “lived” everyday, not remembered once a year – I´ll write a it today about my other, who passed in 2007. She certainly is a major influence in my life and the education and values I receved from her are still the guidelines for wich I judge my actions. More than this, she aways incetivated me to do what I loved and that´s why today what I have chosen to do to earn a living is also an enourmous source of personal satisfaction – and, frankly, just like her, who loved to be a teacher and was very proud of her job, although forced to an early retirement due to her poor health, I can´t see myself doing something I don´t love, something that I don´t go to bed and wake thinkingabout, without becoming a frustrated and bitter person, regardless of any financial compensation. Dona Helena also never asked me why in the world I har brought another dog or cat home when I was a kid – as a matter of fact, this way she taught me to be responsibkle and never close my eyes before things I don´t consider right – and also no to run away from the consequeces that such behavoir can eventually bring!

I try not to get said for not having her here with me anymore and although missing her all the time, I try to concentrate on the privilege that it was to be her son and become a man worth of all that she gave me.


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Mim faiz faca, mim bebe cerveja!
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