Making the more artistic oriented knives is aways fun and challenging but there is a part of me that really loves simpler, practical pieces where form follows function and nothing else is added to the package. That´s why, inspired in the Scandinavian traditional knives, I created my Simplicity line a few years ago and obviously more people like knives like that, too, since these are my best sellers today. A while ago, I started to think about how to adapt this same concept to my kitchen knives and the result is what you are seeing here today, and that I have name Essencial. These knives have spartan finished blades, handles made of high quality Brazilian wood and the same quality seen on my most sophisticated knives, with a finish you don´t have to worry about, a shorter delivery time and a much more affordable price.

The pictures above are from the first knife availabile from this new line. These knives will be made of .085″ thick 1070 steel, chisel ground (left or right side, according to the customer request) and acid etched, wich is very easy to keep and hides stains and scratches very well. They will be availabile with the same profile of my popular flat ground chef, with the options bellow:


10″ – US$ 195.00

8″ – US$ 175.00

6″ – US$ 150.00

Plus US$ 14.50 for worldwide delivery for up to 3 knives.

Handle options: Imbuia – as shown in the pictures – aroeira and angelim pedraare standard and you can also spice a bit your essencial choosing a different wood – please contact me to see what I have in stock (prices will vary according to the wood chosen)

Delivery time for these knives is 30 days from the order and payment can be done half when ordering and the rest when the knife is ready.  This delivery time is for the first ten orders, the next nes will be fitted on my regular schedule.

It was a great pleasure to create these knives and I think it would be correct to describe it as a return to my origin as for me the utilitarian, practical side of my creations was aways the most important one – and I am sure this will assure that they will become the most appreciated knives in many kitchens around the world.


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