Short week, short month, short year!

This week passed so quickly I didn´t even saw it! There was a bunch of stuff over my bench and, despite all that was finished, most of it is still there… I was thinking about this earlier today when I realized how fast was the last month. It seems like yesterday was Laor Day and now it is June, and then I made a still more astonishing discovery: next week, on the 7th, its the Asylum Fair! For those unfamiliar with it, this very traditional fair (wich has a more formal name that noboby remembers nowadays)  is held to help support the local asylum and and attracts thousands of people from all my region and is, as a matter of fact, our timelime mark! Don´t you believe? Well, if you ever meet someone born in Tatuí, just ask! He or she will probably look at you with a puzzled look and ask back: “_And don´t you do the same”? And if you get another answer,beware because the person you are talking to probably is a liar!

Well, instead of talking about the things I left unfinished, let me show you some I was able to finish: here is a pair of utility knives with damascus steel blades and ieonwood and hawaiian koa handles decoraed with mosaic pins, both with leather sheaths made by me, too. These two are already on their way to Fortaleza and if you like them, just place an order.


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