I don´t know… all I know is that it happened this way…

It may sond like a fisherman´s tale but I swear that it really happened! Las week I left two tantos alone on a drawer in my shop for one night and since that day I started to hear funny noises coming from that drawer. Yesterday I decided to check it out and you can imagine my surprise to find these four tanto puppies laying inside! Ok, now you are going to say I am a liar because if it was true it would have also happened to the two Simplicity 11 in the other drawer. As a matter of fact, I have been thinking a lot about it and the only answer I could come up with is that both Simplicity were of the same sex!

Well, these kids have damascus steel blades of arond 3 3/4″ and an overall lenght f 7 3/4″. Their handles are textured, darened leather under a resins oaked cord wrap and decorated with menukis of four differen woods (in the sequence o the individual pictures: caviúna, sucupira, maple and pau brasil). Price includes a kydex sheath. And just to make it clear, the blades are not blue, they just look like that in the picture.


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