The Evolution of the Simplicty

Some years ago I released my Simplicity models – a series of utility knives in several sizes and styles, all with full tang construction and Scandinavian style grind. Frankly, I don´t know how many of these I sold but it was a bunch othem until I quit offering them to work on other projects but I kept thinking about offering a knife on the same premises – spartan, affordable and versatile – and that also incorporated the improvements present on my new knives.

And this has become reality in the shape of an utility knife with an overall lenght of 8 1/4″ and a 4 1/4″ blade, with slab handles and stainless pins  – so far, very similar to the older Simplicity models but the innovation comes with the blade steel upgrade to 52100, a standard of high performance, and the use of a beefed up version of the same asymetric grind I have been very succesfully been using on my kitchen knives. Although less usual on utility knives, this grind works great for cutting and is way simpler to resharpen and also to redo the secondary grind once it needs to be thinned down after many sharpening operations.

Among the several models of the Simplicity line, I have chosen this one because I consider it the most versatile, although I may offer some others, too. It is availabile either in maple, Brazilian hardwoods or celeron and comes with a leather sheath.




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