Making a knife – part 5

After the heat treatment process is completed, I do the grinding operation, wich consists in removing material of the edge of the blade until it reaches an ideal thickness. A kitchen knife, for instance, is well under 1mm, too thin for a camp knife and too thick for a razor.

Usually, modern day knifemakers grind blades on a belt grinder like the one in the picture that I built myself a few years a go, although other tools can be used, like a wheel grinder, files, etc, but the belt grinder is certainly the most efficient for the knifemaker as it also does several other operations besides grinding: it profiles blades, shapes handles, polishes, sharpens, etc.

The grinding style I use is flat but there are also the hollow grind, usually done on the face of a wheel, and the convex, that can be done with a loose belt.

As I make different blades for right or left hand users, my grind changes side but if I wanted to make a conventional blade, the grinds on both sides would mirror each other and meet at the center of the blade´s thickness.



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