New Bottle Opener – Order Now!


I am already taking orders for the BO-1, the new stainless bottle opener you have seen some days ago.

1 piece: US$ 35.00, plus US$ 15 for shipping (yes, shipping is a bit expensive but I am using a trackable box so it is worth it)

2-9 pieces: US$ 35.00 each, shipped wordwide

10 pieces: US$ 290.00 the group shipped worldwide

I am already working on a group of bottle openers and they will be ready to ship early next week. Besides being signed and dated, these will be also numbered so interested parties better act soon – first come, first serve as usual!

And since we are talking about orders, please place yours through the e-mail so I don´t get lost with orders coming by e-mail, Facebook, phone, written letters, smoke signs, etc. Please bear with me as I a am getting old, buddies!

And since I know someone will ask, yes, I personally tested the proto to exhaustion! 🙂


About ivancampos

Mim faiz faca, mim bebe cerveja!
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