New utility/hunter

Ok, ok, you won! 🙂

I have been receiving several requests to make more general purpose and utility knives and must confess that after I started to specialize in kitchen knives, I haven´t made many of these, so here is a new compact model that fits perfectly in the category. At just over 8″ long overall, this utility/hunter has a 4″ long 52100 steel blade and slab handle, being very versatile and able to performa a multitude of tasks perfectly, although cutting down trees or digging rocks are not on the list.

I am working on a small group of them, all with wood handles (maple, African wenge, angico and Paraguayan castelo) that may have kydex or leather sheathes as the customer choses, and as you can see in the pics, is already getting finished so the delivery will be pretty quick on those.

The price of these knives is US$ US$ 145.00, plus shipping (US$ 20.00 worldwide) or a pair for US$ 260.00 shipped.

First come, first serve! Rush up with your order and get one of the first to get ready!





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