Pocket Creatures

Good morning!
I have been thinking about these little knives during the weekend,
Back in 2013 I made a few of these and was thinking about making a few more now.. They are made of 52100 steel, have an overall lenght of under 4″, acid etched finish and could have kydex or leather sheathes and would cost under US$ 50.00. These are great to be used onn the pockets, hanging form the neck, in a purse or wallet or as a desk knife beasides also making excellent introductory pieces for those willing to start their custom knife collections. So, what do you think? Should I make a few? Please leave your opinions here.



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2 Responses to Pocket Creatures

  1. jay wyatt says:

    I think these knives would be a good seller. I have one of your earlier knives similar in size and i love it

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