Bare Bones Fighter!

The old timers know I started my career as a knifemaker making lost of fighter. As a matter of fact, that was all I used to make for quite some time but unfortunatelly I can´t show you any pics because i lost them all when my HD died last year.

Today you know that I mostly make kitchen knives but I still like to make fighters from time to time and when I asked for opinions about a compact tanto last week, I started to make some sketches and ended up creating some new models I called Bare Bones for its all-steel construction and very light and compact.


This is the first one to get ready, a spearpoint model made of 52100 steel with an overall lenght of 0′ and a 5″ long blade. It is very light, compact and has a great blade/handle ratio. It is also one of the very few models I made with a sharpened top edge. It will have a kydex sheath for IWBuse that also can be hanged upside down on the neck or on a harness, for instance.

It would be possible to add a Japanese inspired cord wrapped handle on it at the customer´s request but, frankly, I prefer it as it is – absolutelly bare bones!

This piece goes for US$ 125.00, plus US$ 19.00 for international shipping (worldwide). As usual, first come, first serve! and I only have one alien head that goes with this one but won´t be availabile on the next knives.



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