The Kirmas are Coming!

Since there has been a huge interest on a new run of my Kirma model,now that I am almost done with the Essencial sries orders I should start working on the little knives in a week.

For those who are not familiar with the Kirma, it is what I consider the minimum size for a knife to be practical in my opinion being about 3 3/4″ long with an alomost 2″ long blade. This series will be made of 3/32″ thick 52100 steel  with a black heat tretament finish and a kydex sheath and each piece will go for US$ 49.00, plus US$ 15.00 for shipping.

Orders will be delivered on a first come, first serve basis but you can expect delivery time to be 15-20 days so place your orders now, fellows! Just contact me by e-mail ( or phone/whatsapp (55-15-997120993).

One more thing: ordering two or more, you get free shipping!



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