New Model: Sanity

This is one of those projetcts I make from time to time, very different from what I am working on at the time, just to break the routine. I called this model Sanity because, as the American knifemakers say, it is a “sanity knife – a project that helps the craftsman keeps his sanity (what´s left of it, at least because you can´t be a knifemaker and completelly sane at the same time).

This is an utility knife with simple, clean lines and a bit different from my latest models it will be crafted from 3/16″ thick 52100 steel so it will be quite sturdy,will have an overall lenght of about 7” equally divided between blade and handle and two handle options: all steel “skeleton and with handle slabs.each knife will have a kydex sheath fit for neck use or IWB with a belt loop.

Price will also be special: US$ 95.00 for the all steel version and US$ 120.00 for the one with wood handle slabs. This is at least 30% bellow my sual rate for a knife with this size and materials.

To placeyor reservations just contact me by the e-mail ivan@ivancampos.netor phone/whatsapp 00-55-15-997120993. I have enough steel for six of these so first come, first serve as usual. You won´t see this model too soon once these are gone.

Delivery time will be 20-30 days and no, Siss Army Knife not included (had to mention this).



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