I was going to finish the blade before posting a pic but got too excited with the initial results after just diping the blade in acid. Very cool!



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  1. Bryan Walter says:

    You really get some excellent hamon lines! VERY nice blade!

    • ivancampos says:

      Olá, Bryan
      Actually, what you see is the transiction between the 52100 steel core and the stainless steel walls. The temper line is higher but I doubt it will show on the stainless steel after the knife is finished.

      • Bryan says:

        Thanks for the correction Ivan! I thought perhaps you had applied clay in a VERY artistic fashion to the spine. LOL! A fine looking blade regardless! Originally I was looking at it on an older, small screened phone, but now looking at a larger pic on my laptop, I see my mistake. :-D~

      • ivancampos says:

        Check out my friend Don Carlos Andrade (California Custom Knives) for some very cool kitchen knives with artistic temper lines.

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