A Very Special Santoku!

Each one of my knives is unique and this one is even more unique!

As you know, no good story starts with “I was drinking a glass of milk” and this one is no exception. Since I no longer own a bar,I use to spend a few hour every day at a craft beer store as a therapy and also a means to help the owners and in one of these occasions, while drinking a mug of bber with Bruno, a customer that works as a tatoo artist, he mentioned he was also trying his hand at working with a pyrograpf (on wood, not on human skin!) and when he showed me the pics of his work, I immediatelly noticed that it would fit nicelly on my knife handles. One week later, the first result of our partthership has been finished: a very detaed dragon carved around the eight-sided clear imbuia wood handle of this santoku that you can see on the pics bellow and also on a video I posted at Facebook and Instagram because ther was no way to upload it here.

Personally, this work has pelased me a lot because it matches my style with perfection, adding an artistic tough to my usually austere, spartan cutting machines in a way that doesn´t get in the way of the knife when it is used – as a matter of fact, the texture on the handle makes it even better to grip.

Hopefully, we will have more knives embellished like this – maybe special editions – crafted according to Bruno´s schedule but, for now, this is the only one in existence and it is availabile for US$ 310.00, plus US$ 20.00 for worldwide shipping, including a wooden box. As usual, first come, first serve and you can reach me at ivan@ivancampos.net or at my mobile/whatsapp 00-55-15-997120993.






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Mim faiz faca, mim bebe cerveja!
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