Availabile: The Last Neck Knives in K100 Steel!



I made thes etwo with what was left from k100 steel in the shop. Now you will oly see more knives in k100 when I get another full sheet of it since that´s how it is sold.

Both have aroun 2″ long blades and 4 1/2″ overall lenght. The top one has louro preto wood handles and the botton one, gonçalo alves wood.

US$ 55.00, plus US$ 20.00 for international shipping to most everywhwre, and they come with kydex neck sheathes.

As usual, first come,forst serve, and you can contact me my e-mail at ivan@ivancampos.net or mobile/whatsapp at 55-15-997120993.



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