Availabile: French Chef





With an octagonal handle made of camel thorn – an African wood that has an unique figure and is very hard and difficult to work – capped off with a piece of clear castelo wood and a 1095 steel blade that is approximatelly 22cm (8 1/2″) long blade, this knife is a rare piece since I have made very few chefs in the French chef´s style (thinner, more triangular than the German chef’s knives) and only bough one block of this wood many years ago from wich no more than three of four handles were made.

US$ 220.00, plus US$ 25.00 for international shipping to most everywhere and, as usual, first come, first serve!

To order, contact me by mobile/whatsapp 55-15-997120993 or e-mail me at ivan@ivancampos.net. Paypal welcome!

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