Availabile: Gyuto



With a polished, 21cm (8 1/4″) long 1095 steel blade and handle made of clear imbuia wood with a great stripped tridimensional figure attached to its tang by copper pins, this knife is part of a trio that I created as a design study as I am trying to move away from the academic lines of the traditional Japanese knives but still keeping my own style and the essence ofmy work, and  it is the only one of them with a polished finish and copper pins – it is also the only one still availabile.

It goes for US$ 175.00, plus US$ 25.00 for international shipping to most everywhere. An edge protector is included. As usual, first come, first serve!

To order, contact me by mobile/whatsapp 55-15-997120993 or e-mail me at ivan@ivancampos.net. Paypal welcome!

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