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This page was updated n 06/27/2017

The knives shown here are for sale and ready to be shipped. To buy them ,just contact me.

Prices do not include shipping unless mentioned otherwise.

To order e-mail me at ivan@ivancampos.net or call 00-55-15-997120993


The minimun that is necessary for a knife to perform in the kitchen matched with  characteristics that also make it an excellent utility knife – these were the parameters I used to develop these little knives that are just 6″ long overall and made from k100 steel wth wood handles and kydex sheathes and will never leave their owners without a good edge on those barbecues where all other knives are dull🙂 Jokes aside, a knife this long is very practical and compact and not only can easily carried anywhere but can also perform most kitchen tasks. Besides that, the steel they are made of assures they will have very long lasting edge.

Each piece goes for US$ 90.00,plus US$ 20.for shipping, or get both for US$ 160.00. Shipping cost is US$ 20.00, worldwide.



All blades are k100 steel and the handles, imbuia wod (clear or dark) and the knives come with kydex sheathes.

KP 1, with a 5″ long blade – US$ 145.00 plus US$ 20.00 for worldwide shipping

KP 2, with a 4″ long blade – US$125.00 plus US$ 20.00 for worldwide shipping

Or get both for US$ 245.00 shipped!



Damascus Steel  BottleOpeners

A great beer deserves a great bottle opener and these certainly are also great conversation starters!

At around 2 3/8″ in lenght, they are a little shorter than my usual bottle openers so just US$ 60.00 each, delivered.

Obs.: only the second from the top is still availabile.


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