My work  is heavily inspired on the traditional Japanese knives although I don´t aim to make them the traditional way – my creations are my interpretation of these knives.

The blades are 1095 steel, sellectivelly heat treated and assimetrically ground (for left or right hand users), covered with the color and texture developed during the heat treatment process and the standard handles are made of solid imbuia wood with a brass ferrule to reinforce their point of junction with the blade. Like all my knives, these are tools meant to be used – and used hard. On any activity, using a quality tool is a pleasure and a source of inspiration to complete the task at hand so if you own one of them, don´t miss the oportunity to put it to work!

I have a huge number of professional customers and they usually can´t afford to wait long periods to get their knivesso most ofmy knives get ready in under 30 days and, although I don´t have dealers outside Brazil at this point, my creations have been shipped to many countries (The US, Canada, Latvia, England, Thailand, Portugal, Sweden, Israel,  Bolivia and Malaysia are some examples) with no problems and I will be happy to make the necessary arrangements to get your order to you in the most safe and timely way. Just contact me at or through my mobile phone/whatsapp 00-55-15-997120993.


The Japanese version of the chef´s knife

17cm long blade: 160,00

21cm long blade: US$ 175.00

25cm long blade: US$ 190.00

29cm long blade: 205.00



Perfect for precision and delicate cuts

11cm long blade: US$ 115.00

15cm long blade: US$ 130.00



Versatility in a compact package

19cm long blade: 160.00



A very efficient vegetable cutter

19cm long blade: US$ 160.00


Yanagi Ba

The classic sashimi knife

20cm long blade: 225.00

25cm long blade: 245.00

29cm long blade: 265.00




Compact vegetable knife

16cm long blade: US$ 140.00



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