Availabile: two neck knives!


There were three but one is already gone…

These neck knives are fairly simple and super light, perfect for EDC, with k100 steel blades that are 8cm and 5cm long and handles made of castelo wood (The lighter one) and morado wood.

US$ 60.00 each, plus US$ 25.00 for shipping for one or both.

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Availabile: Unique 14cm Santoku!



A 15cm long santoku has been availabile in my catalog long ago and I never made more than a couple of them. Now, to do something different with a bar end, I have made this slightly shorter one and if you like it, take it now because it is not going to the regular catalog and is priced very confortably at US$ 130.00, that is the same as my regular 15cm petty, plus US$ 25.00 for shipping, with a 1095 steel blade, imbuia handle with brass collar and edge guard included.

As usual, first come, first serve, and you can order it by e-mail at ivan@ivancampos.net.  or whatsapp at 00-55-15-997120993.



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