New Fighter Availabile!

19072997_10213612694376087_1147232633_o (1)

This is a new fighter I have finished recently. It has a 5 1/2″ long 5160 steel blade with phosphate finish and a Japanese inspired cord wrapped, resin soaked handle with a damascus steel menuki.

This knife is availabile for immediate delivery for US$ 175.00, plus US$ 20.00 for worldwide shipping. A kydex sheath is included.

My computer is still down so it is easier to reach me by Facebook Messenger or mobile whatsapp (00-55-15-997120993). Or you can write to but it may take me a day or two to get back to you.


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Damascus Steel Bottle Openers Availabile!


These came out a little smaller than my usual bottle openers so only US$ 45.00 each, plus US$ 15.00 for worldwide shipping.

I still haven´t got my computer back from maintenance so its easier to contact me through Facebook Messenger or my mobile/whatsapp 00-55-15-997120993.

First come, first serve as usual!

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New Mini Neck Knives Availabile!


These are the last twoo Mini Neck Knives in k100 steel I had in stock from the group \i made recently, buddies. For a change, I decided to put stabilized maple burl on the larger one and ebony on the smaller one. They are 6-8cm long overall.

US$ 75.00 shipped worldwide.

Due to computer maintenance, I am temporarily unable to access my e-mail as quicly as usual so it is easier to contacte me through Facebook or my mobile/whatsapp 00-55-15-997120993.

First come, first serve!

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2017 Essencial Series


To put a high performance knife – and one that still has all the charm of a handmade piece – at the rach of every cook, professional or hobbist, has aways been the goal of my Essencial Series and now that we reach the fourth generation of this project, I believe this goal has been fully achieved.

For this new series – that is composed of three different models: 25cm long blade gyuto, 21cm long blade gyuto and 15cm long blade petty – I decided to keep the excellent k100 steel after the great results of last Essencial series and  can safely say that it gives these knives one of the best cost x benefit, performancewise. As if this alone was not enough, you will also benefit from the pré-launch discount, that has already became a tradition since the first Essencial series and that goes from 15% to 25%!

– Gyuto with 25cm long blade: US$ 165.00 – PRE-LAUNCH PRICE: US$ 140.00!

– Gyuto with 21cm long blade: US$ 140.00 – PRE-LAUNCH PRICE: US$ 105.00!

– Petty with 15cm long blade: US$ 110.00 – PRE-LAUNCH PRICE: US$ 90.00!

And buying a set of gyuto and petty, the discount is even bigger!

– Gyuto with 25cm long blade + Petty: US$ 275.00 – PRE-LAUNCH PRICE: US$ 205.00!

– Gyuto with 25cm long blade + Petty: US$ 250.00 – PRE-LAUNCH PRICE: US$ 185.00!

Obs.: Shipping not included. Worldwide shipping cost: US$ 20.00.

And you can choose betwwen clear or dark imbuia wood – wich I think looks great in both colors – or brown Celeron, a very strong and water resistant synthetic material that is great for the professionals looking for a practical handle option.

Also, you can choose between a kydex sheath – the perfect carry option for the pros – or a wooden box that would make this knife even a more impressive gift.

Overall, I will make 100 knives of this series, 50 gyutos in both sizes and 50 pettys  – AND THE PRE-LAUNCH PRICES ARE VALID ONLY TO THE FIRST 25 ORDERS.

Payment can be done by Paypal at the time of the order and delivery will be in 30-60 days according to the line of orders.

So… if you have been willing to get one of my knives in your kitchen, this is the time!

If you already own one, don´t miss the chance to expand your arsenal!

And if you know a cook who deserves a gift like this, nothing will make him/her happier!

To place your order, contact me through my mobile/whatsapp 00-55-15-997120993 or e-mail me at Don´t miss this great chance and order your knives now!




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Spoiler of the new Essencial series


Here is the sketch of the new Essencial series 25cm long blade gyuto. It will be availabile in two sizes (21 e 25cm) and there will also be a petty with 15cm long blade and maybe another model. I will have peotos finished soon and, as usual, these knives eill be availabile at a very nice pre-sale price. More news on this subject soon!

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Santoku Availabile!


This santoku knife with a 19cm long 52100 steel blade and beautiful imbuia root handle is availabile for sale,, buddies.

US$ 215.00, plus US$ 20.00 for worldwide shipping and it comes with either a kydex sheath or a wooden box – buyer´s choice.

Contact me through my mobile/whatsapp 15-997120993 or write to Firs come, first serve, as usual.

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New Folding Knife Availabile!


This Higonocampos friction folder with a damascus steel blade of 2 3/4″, adjustable tension pivot,  copper handle and brass spacers is availabile for sale.

US$ 225.00, plus US$ 20.00 for international shipping. Comes with a leather pouch.

As usual, to order you just need to call me on my cell/whatsapp 00-55-15-997120993 or write to First come, first serve!18489895_10213375118636842_304229277119848056_o

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