I have only made two fo these and the first one was a few years ago. Now i just nees to have the owners name put onthis one and it will be on the road!


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Holiday Orders and Other Informations

Hello, everybody!

As you should have noticed, I haven´t been posting here for a while and there have been two reasons for my absense. The first one is that early in October my new bar, the Buteco Quase Cheio (whose literal translation would be “The Almost Full Pub”) opened its doors and you can imagine how much work I have been through since then. Plus, at the same time I was working on a very large and complicated order for a single customer. This order is amost finished by now so I will start taking orders normally from now on.

And talking about orders, as we are very close to the end of the year, all the orders for the Holidays will be delivered on the same order I get them – and I think I can take about ten orders for the holidays for sure, so I suggest that if you want one of my knives for this year, especially if it is a gift, better rush with your orders! Also, I will not be delivering any more knives in stainless or damascus steel this year – only 52100 steel (except pending orders).

In a nutshell rush with the orders and I´ll run to have them delivered in time! And just to be sure this is clear: first come, first serve!


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Gyuto Availabile!

Ready to ship, buddies! It has a 17cm long 52100 steel blade and imbuia root handle and comes with a kydex sheath.

US$ 200.00, plus US$ 20.00 for worldwide shipping.

First come, first serve!


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Do uou think the guy who will receive this gyuto with a 25cm long blade and imbuia root handle as a gift will be happy with it?


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Kirmas Avaliabile!

Is anybody looking for a practical and compact EDC knife? Well, I have two Kirmas ready for delivery.

These are made from 52100 steel, have a gray acid etched finish and are about 4 1/4″ long overall.

Each one goes for US$ 45.00, plus US$ 15.00 for worldwide shipping, or get both and shipping is on me. A kydex neck (or pocket, purse, etc) sheath is included.

As usual, first come, first serve!


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The new qood boxes are in, buddies! From now on thwy qill be the standard packaging for some of my knives (models with blades between 19 and 25cm) and soon for all models. So how dis you like that?


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Gyuto in 52100 steel and mae. This one was shipped to the US early this eeek.


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